Peter Hausburg and Daun Paris Peter Hauspurg, chairman and CEO and Daun Paris, president, Eastern Consolidated/ Images provided by Eastern Consolidated, composite created by Steve Lubetkin

NEW YORK CITY—Eastern Consolidated which was founded in 1981, and has a team of approximately 100 brokers and 40 full-time employees, is shutting down in July. The husband and wife team, Eastern’s CEO and Chairman Peter Hauspurg and president Daun Paris, issued the following excerpted statement: “Earlier this year we were approached by a third party, who inquired about a possible strategic partnership with Eastern Consolidated. During the course of our careers we have had a number of inquiries of this nature. We engaged an investment bank to evaluate the opportunity and gauge the market. During this process, other opportunities arose, but they all came with terms and conditions with which we were not comfortable. After thorough and thoughtful consideration, we determined that the best path forward is to wind down the operations of Eastern Consolidated.”