Joel Ross

The firing of McCabe, and the finding of the House Intelligence Committee that there was no collusion is just the start of what is going to become a major scandal of Watergate proportions, except that it is the Clintons, the DNC, and senior officers of the FBI and justice, and the Obama White House who will be swept up this. All indications are there was a massive effort initiated by the Clintons to try to stop Trump, and then to undermine him after the election. The dossier was clearly the centerpiece of the conspiracy, and it was McCabe who pushed the FISA warrant using the dossier. He seems to have also been working with Strzok and his girlfriend in a separate conspiracy to undermine Trump with what they referred to as the “insurance policy’. Whether that was the just revealed relationship with the FISA judge, who was also the judge to hear the Flynn case is unclear yet.